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1888Matasaku Yoshimura founded a Yoshimura Soap Factory in Ushigome, Tokyo.
1914Mataichiro Yoshimura, first son of Matasaku, opened a Yoshimura Oil Company.
Eikichi Yoshimura, fifth son of Matasaku, started manufacturing margarine in Yoshimura Oil Company.
1957Eikichi Yoshimura founded Milk Marin Corporation with capital of 8 million yen in Toyonaka, Osaka.
With the cooperation of New Zealand Daily Board, Milk Marin started manufacturing processed cheese.
1969Corporate name was changed to Marin Food Company.
1975Started manufacturing hotcakes.
1977Started manufacturing shredded cheese for pizza.
1980Eikichi Yoshimura, founder of Marin Food, passed away on April 14.
Naoki Yoshimura, then Managing Director and son of Eikichi, assumed the presidency.
1984Started manufacturing portioned margarine.
1986Started manufacturing pizza sauce and pasta oil.
1987Started the Grand Marin Commemoration Ball, commemorating the 30th anniversary of Marin Food (Milk Marin).
1988Developed a new product, "Jumbo Hotcake."
1990Launched Jumbo Hotcake onto the gift market.
Jumbo Hotcake won the Gold Medal from the Monde Selection.
1995The Great Hanshin Earthquake struck.Started developing "Garlic Margarine."
Practiced a special sales campaign for hotcakes.
1996Reinforced environmental improvement around the factory. Incorporated new system of wastewater treatment.
1997Released "Copper-plate-baked Hotcake."
1998Introduced "Consumer Monitoring System." The sales of new products of past 5 years achieved 30% of the total sales.
2000Established corporate homepage.
Izumi Otsu Plant
Completed construction of Izumi-Otsu Factory.
2002Garlic Margarine won the Best Industrial Processed Food Prize from Japan Food Newspaper Company. Introduced a new product line of candy cheese.
A Corporate Video introducing Marin Food won the prize for encouragement at the 41st Japan Industrial Film Contest held by Japan Industrial Film Council.
Marin Food's "Beurre Compose de Paris" and "Honey Sugar Butter Blend" won the Grand Gold Medal, and "Sesame Butter Blend" and "Cheese Fondue" won the Gold Medal from the Monde Selection.
Best Industrial Processed
Portioned Margarine and Butter Series received the Best Industrial Processed Food from the Japan Food Newspaper Company.
2005Established Employee Training Reinforcement System.
Best Industrial Processed
Marin Food obtained the ISO9001 certification.
2007 Opened Environment Improvement and Planning Office. Started developing "Stylino," cheese alternative.
2009The new product line of "Eating Milk" started.
Contest for the Best Presenter started.
"Stylino" won the Best Industrial Processed Food Prize from the Japan Food Newspaper Company. Released "Chocolate Fondue" and "Flavoring for Fried Rice."

Marin Food's "Beurre Compose de Paris" and "Honey Sugar Butter Blend" won the Gold Medal, "Jumbo Hotcake" and "Stylino" won the Silver medal, and "Cod Roe Spread" and "Cheese Fondue" won the Bronze medal from the Monde Selection. Chocolate Fondue won the Best Industrial Processed Food Prize from the Japan Food Newspaper Company.
2011Released "Pizza Margarita","Rice Powder Hotcake",and "My Red Sweetheart (Red Chocolate Fondue)."
“Stylino” Series was acknowledged for its unprecedented new idea and technology, and won the New Technology and Food Development Prize.

The March 11 Japan Earthquake happened, and the Sendai branch was hit by the disaster.
Yuriko Yoshimura, the honorary adviser, passed away at the age of 91.

Because of electricity conservation request by electric company, we implemented countermeasures to comply with the request.

Introduced a new tube line facility.

Introduced standing pack lines.
As part of the 55th year anniversary project, we publicly sought a new logo for our company, and chose this one from 2,258 applications.

Large orders for cheese and hotcakes continued, so we implemented a three-time alternation system. Employees from different departments came to the factories to support manufacturing.

Introduced waffle making machine.
2012 New slogan for the year: "Jump the Frontier - overcome limitations."
Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon
Awarded the second "Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon" from Cabinet Office for the long time donation for elementary and junior education in Toyonaka, Osaka.
Izumi-otsu factory acquired the approval of a bonded factory.
The oversea department is directed toward oversea advancement.
Took part in the food exhibition "SEOUL FOOD" in Korea.
Held the 55th Anniversary Ceremony in Kyoto Rihga Royal Hotel.
Took part in the food exhibition "Food TAIPEI" in Taiwan.
Tokyo branch went through renewal, and the company's national sales conference started.
Nagahama factory
Completion of Nagahama factory.
TV Conference between branches and factories started.
Oishii Japan
Took part in the food exhibition "Oishii Japan" in Singapore.
Took part in the food festival in Hong Kong.
2013 New Slogan for the year: "DAIGOMI - the most exquisite taste, in the words of Nehankyo, a Buddhist sutra."
Released "Baby Cheese."
baby cheese