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2017 Summer Greetings


My father, who passed away 37 years ago, created his posthumous Buddhist name on his own, based on the rule of the Pure Land Sect of Buddhism. I suppose it was partly because he graduated from the department of Chinese Literature.

「工文院釈艸榮遊三居士」"Techlitleafeiyuzo": during his life he wore two hats of technology and literature, "leaf" is his pseudonym for haiku poems, "Ei" is from his real name, Eikichi, and Yuzo is his pen name for writing novels.

For the posthumous Buddhist name for my mother who passed away 6 years ago, I created it for her when she asked me to do so a half year before her death.

「月祥院釈尼恵百大姉」"Lunlilblessing": compared to sun, my mother was a person of moon, her real name is Yuriko (Yuri means a lily), and her nickname is Etsu (E means blessing).

At the end of last year, as I get older, I decided to make my own Buddhist name. I used the word 慧, which I was interested in for a while, combined with 直, which means honesty and it is from my real name, 直樹 Naoki.

The Buddhist enlightenment is called 智慧 which means Buddhist wisdom in English. While 智 is judgmental in its nature, 慧 deals with nonjudgmental realms. 彗 means comet, the shooting star that shines momentarily. When you add心(heart) to it, it becomes a Buddha. (Laughing)

Now the season is full summer. The world politics and economy is in a threatening situation. Last month my youngest child Kazusa went to Sierra Leone in Africa for the purpose of developing agriculture. I asked if there is a special allowance for its danger. Kazusa laughed and said no as it was not dangerous! However, isn't it Sierra Leone that originated Ebora Fever?

For this special season, from the ancient times in Japan, it is said to eat eel, not to cultivate the soil, dry clothes and books, and eat sweet bean mochi. Most of the local festivals gather during this summer season.

It is a time that we need to take good care of our health, so I pray that you will take care of yourself and I also appreciate your continued courtesy.

Truly Yours,
Naoki Yoshimura
Marinfood Company