Rollable Pancake

Rollable Pancake

It is a pancake that you heat in the microwave and roll.

  • It is light on the sweetness.
  • You can roll ice cream or fruit with this pancake to make dessert, or ham and lettuce to make sandwiches.
  • We combined ingredients derived from tapioca to make its full texture.

Product description

Ingredients wheat (produced in Japan), egg, sugar, dried glucose syrup, food that is mainly made from milk vegetable oil, salt/processed starch, baking powder, flavor, stabilizer (guar gum, xanthan gum) (It includes wheat, egg, milk and soy.)
Quantity 120g (2 slices)
Preservation Keep frozen (Max.-18℃)
Best-before date 1 year after the production date
Nutrition Facts per 120g (2 slices)
5.4 g
Total fat
3.4 g
61.4 g
Salt equivalent
0.9 g


What, Egg, Milk, Soy

More information

  • Product code : 054100
  • JAN-code :
  • Package :
    1 package (120g) x 24 packages x 3 (NET 8.64 kg)

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