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Smoked Butter 31 Recipes

  • Milk Risotto

    • Cookinig time:10minutes
    • Calory:349 kcal(1 serving)

    1 Put rice and milk or soy milk in a pot, then cook until thickened. 2 Salt and pepper then pour i...

  • Clams Steamed in Wine

    • Cookinig time:15minutes
    • Calory:319 kcal(1 serving)

    1 Soak clams in water and drain them. 2 Heat a pan. Cook clams and white wine with a lid on to ste...

  • Canape with Smoked Butter

    • Cookinig time:10minutes
    • Calory:191 kcal(1 serving)

    1 CCut cherry tomatoes, octopus, pickled vegetables and lemon in slices. 2 Put rough cut smoked but...

  • Fruit Crepes with Smoked Butter

    • Cookinig time:20minutes
    • Calory:104 kcal(1 slice)

    1 Cut fruit in bite size pieces. 2 Heat maple syrup and cassis liqueur in a pot, and gently boil d...

  • Tofu Steak

    • Cookinig time:10minutes
    • Calory:215 kcal(1 serving)

    1 Drain water off tofu, then cut it into 4. Salt and pepper it. 2 Heat cooking oil in a pan, then...

  • Beef Stew

    • Cookinig time:30minutes
    • Calory:956 kcal(1 serving)

    1 Chop carrots into chunks. Cut onion into wedges. Cut potatoes into bite size pieces. Boil green b...

  • Noodles in Soy Soup

    • Cookinig time:20minutes
    • Calory:554 kcal(1 serving)

    1 Cut pork, onion, shiitake in thin strips, and chinese chives in 3 cm strips. 2 Cook pork, onion...

  • Paella

    • Cookinig time:30minutes
    • Calory:527 kcal(1 serving)

    1 Soat clam in water to freshen. Remove the vein of shrimp. Cut squids in bite size pieces. Mince o...

  • Rice with Thick Starchy Sauce

    • Cookinig time:20minutes
    • Calory:444 kcal(1 serving)

    1 Soak kikurage mushrooms in water then cut in thin strips. Cut carrots and onions in thin strips. ...

  • Bell Pepper Soup

    • Cookinig time:20minutes
    • Calory:201 kcal(1 serving)

    1 Cut red bell pepper, onion and potatoes into bite size pieces. 2 Cook the vegetables in a pot, a...