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Beef Stew

  • Cooking time:30minutes
  • Calory:956 kcal(1 serving)
MF Smoked Butter 14g
beef for stew 150g
onion 1/2
carrot 1/2
potato 2
green bean some
cooking oil some
red wine 50ml
water 400cc
bay leaf 1
salt 1/4 ts
pepper a pinch
demi-glace sauce 1/2 can
ketchup 1/2 tb
pain de campagne 2
Smoked Butter


Smoked Butter


1 Chop carrots into chunks. Cut onion into wedges. Cut potatoes into bite size pieces. Boil green beans.
2 Salt and pepper beef, then saute it on a pan with cooking oil.
3 Add red wine, bay leaf and water then the above beef. Cook it until the beef get softened.
4 Add sauteed onion, carrots, potato, then cook for 20 minutes.
5 Add demi-glace sauce and ketchup.
6 Toast bread then pour the above into it, then put smoked butter on top.