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Fruit Crepes with Smoked Butter

  • Cooking time:20minutes
  • Calory:104 kcal(1 slice)
■INGREDIENTS(10 slices)
MF Smoked Butter some
crepe mix 100g
egg 2
milk 200ml
cooking oil 1 tb
maple syrup 100ml
cassis liqueur 1 tb
fruit of your selection (strawberry, kiwi, blueberry, etc.) some
mint leaves some
Smoked Butter


Smoked Butter


1 Cut fruit in bite size pieces.
2 Heat maple syrup and cassis liqueur in a pot, and gently boil down.
3 Put crepe mix and eggs in a bowl, then mix with a whisk. Add milk little by little then mix. When it becomes smooth, add cooking oil and mix well.
4 Heat cooking oil in a heated pan, and pour the dough with a scoop. When the surface gets dried, turn it over then cook the other side. Put it on a plate.
5 Pour 2 onto crepes and decorate with cut fruit.
6 Put smoked butter and mint leaves on top to serve.