Privacy Policy

Marinfood Company strive to practice appropriate management of customers' information. Here we explain how we manage personal information of customers who use our website.

1. Collection of Personal Information

In order to provide our products and services, we sometimes ask for your personal information in our website※. When we do so, we let you know the purpose of collecting the information and only ask as much as needed. ※Shopping page (gift shopping and industrial online shopping), mail form for inquiries, application form for presents, mail magazine services, etc.

2. Management and Protection of Personal Information

We perform appropriate management of personal information from customers and take actions to prevent information spill as much as we can. Also regarding unauthorized access and hacking, we practice an appropriate and rational safety measure to protect the information. In our website, we utilize a SSL system to encrypt data and communications so that a third party cannot receive personal information.

3. Use of Personal Information

Our company only use the clients' personal information within the realms that we notify the purpose.

4. Provision and Disclosure of Information

We will not provide or disclose the clients' personal information outside the realm that clients agree beforehand.

  • 1. When there is an agreement of clients.
  • 2. When we commission our services to cooperative companies such as shipping presents and distributing mail magazines and when we make a contract of nondisclosure aggreement that is the same level of this privacy policy.
  • 3. When there is an authorized reason (disclosure upon legislation).

5. Inquiry, Revision and Deletion of Personal Information

When the clients want an inquiry, revision or deletion of their personal information, we respond in a reasonable manner. There are parts that we ask the clients themselves to register, revise or delete, and please send an email: or call to (+81) 3-3453-1027 (International division) about any question regarding inquiry, revision and deletion of personal information. Also, when you ask for disclosure of information, we sometimes ask you to pay the actual expense.

6. Review of the Privacy Policy

In order to protect the clients' information, we continuously review and improve our Privacy Policy. The privacy policy can be improved without prior notice.

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