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  • 牛丸キッチンレシピ
  • 目眩く機能性の未来
  • バター魅惑の宇宙
  • シリアル標準国際食
  • 完全食品チーズ繁栄の海
  • シン・マンパワー
  • 伝統のオイルスプレッドWORLD
  • 2022春の新商品

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About Us

About Us

Marinfood is a food company offering those foods that are very close and familiar to you in your everyday life.



Marinfood produces various food products such as Cheese, Margarine, Pancake, and so on…

Corporate Movie

You can see our company introduction video and learn more about Marinfood.

  • company introduction movie
    (15minutes and 10seconds)

  • factory introduction movie