Eating Milk Dairy Butter 7g x 8

Eating Milk Dairy Butter 7g x 8

Eight packs of individually packaged butter for family use.

  • It is eight packs of individually packaged butter.
  • Compared to cups or carton types, it has better sealing performance and you can use it anytime fresh and sanitary.
  • It is something you should keep in your refrigerator for your special dishes.
  • Use one cube for various dishes, and its mellow flagrance of butter stands out. It also adds a gloss to colors making it looks better when served.
  • Spread it on toast and hotcakes and you can enjoy its genuinely rich butter taste and fragrance.

Product description

Ingredients Raw milk, Salt
Quantity 56g (7g x 8)
Preservation Keep refrigerated (0~10℃)
Best-before date 8 months after the production date
Nutrition Facts per 7g
52 kcal
0.0 g
Total fat
5.7 g
0.1 g
38 mg
Salt equivalent
0.1 g



More information

  • Product code : 080220
  • JAN-code :
  • Package :
    (7g x 8pieces) x 12packs x 12cartons

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