Honey Sugar Butter Blend 160g

Honey Sugar Butter Blend 160g

Our original product that features honey, which is drawing popularity because of its health benefit with lemon as an accent.

  • We use a plenty amount of honey and lemon to have a rich and refreshing taste.
  • Also we add coarse sugar to have a texture and butter to have a seasoned taste.
  • It has a soft texture and you can use it right after you take it out of the refrigerator.

Product description

Ingredients Vegetable oils and fats, Refined oils and fats processing, Milk fat, Sugars(Sugar, Isomerized glucose syrup), Honey, Lemon juice, Emulsifier, Acidulant, Flavors, Antioxidant(V.E), Food colorings(Caramel, Carotene)
Quantity 160g
Preservation Keep refrigerated (0~10℃)
Best-before date 8 months after the production date
Nutrition Facts per 100 g
628 kcal
0.0 g
Total fat
55.2 g
32.7 g
Salt equivalent
0.0 g


Milk, Soybean

More information

  • Product code : 003611
  • JAN-code :
  • Package :
    (160g x 12piedes) x 4packs=48piedes(7.68kg)


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