Chiefman 8kg

Chiefman 8kg

It is a margarine for cooking and for industrial use in a can.

  • You can use this margarine for various recipes.
  • We formulated the product so that it does not sputter when heated.
  • It is an economy-size canned margarine for those users who use a large amount.
  • We adjust the melting point throughout the different seasons, so it has the perfect hardness whenever you use it.

Product description

Ingredients vegetable oil, refined processed oil, salt, powdered skim milk, emulsifier, spices, coloring (carotin), (soybean is included in the ingredients)
Quantity 8kg
Preservation Please store it in a cool, dark place.
Best-before date 8 months after the production date
Nutrition Facts per 100 g
739 kcal
0.0 g
Total fat
81.2 g
2.0 g
902 mg
Salt equivalent
2.3 g


milk, soybean

More information

  • Product code : 010103
  • JAN-code :
  • Package :
    8kg x 2 cans = 2 cans (NET 16.0kg)

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