Silhouette Gold 2.5kg

Silhouette Gold 2.5kg

Margarine for professional use.

  • This margarine is especially for professional cooking and we developed it so that it is prevented from spattering when heated.
  • Cups and lids are made of polypropylene and easy to dispose after use.
  • We adjust the melting point throughout the year so that clients can use it at the most usable softness.

Product description

Ingredients Vegetable oils and fats, Refined oils and fats processing, Salt, Non-fat dry milk, Emulsifiers, Flavors, Food coloring(Carotene))
Quantity 2.5kg
Preservation Keep refrigerated (0~10℃)
Best-before date 8 months after the production date
Nutrition Facts per 100 g
743 kcal
0 g
Total fat
82.5 g
0.1 g
Salt equivalent
2.1~2.8 g


Milk, Soybean

More information

  • Product code : 010210
  • JAN-code :
  • Package :
    2.5kg x 4

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