Cholesterol 90% Off Healthy Slice 126g

Cholesterol 90% Off Healthy Slice 126g

It is a healthy cheese alternative.

  • We used 100% cheese alternative material that we made with vegetable oil to make this healthy slice.
  • As we replaced milk fat with vegetable fat, cholesterol is cut 90% compared to traditional processed cheese.
  • You can use this healthy slice in the same way as other melting sliced cheese.
  • Enjoy cooking heated dishes including pizza toast, gratin and hamburger with this healthy slice.

Product description

Ingredients edible plant fat, milk protein, cheese, salt, food that is made mainly from milk, starch / processed starch, ph adjuster, calcium phosphate, sodium phosphate, polysaccharide thickener, seasoning (amino acid), flavoring agent, coloring (carotene)
Quantity 126g
Preservation Keep refrigerated(under 10 ℃)
Best-before date 4 months after the production date
Nutrition Facts per 1 slice (18g)
62 kcal
2.6 g
Total fat
5.4 g
1 mg
0.9 g
Salt equivalent
0.5 g
124 mg



More information

  • Product code : 044834
  • JAN-code :
  • Package :
    126 g (18g x 7 x 12 bags x 6 boxes = 72 bags (NET 9.072 kg)

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