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Noodles in Soy Soup

  • Cooking time:20minutes
  • Calory:554 kcal(1 serving)
MF Smoked Butter 14g
sliced pork 50g
onion 1/4
shiitake mushroom 2 to 3
Chinese chive 1/4 bunch
cooking oil some
salt and pepper a pinch
soy milk 1000ml
sake 2 tb
chicken stock cube 2 ts
noodle 2 bunch
coarsely ground black pepper a pinch
Smoked Butter


Smoked Butter


1 Cut pork, onion, shiitake in thin strips, and chinese chives in 3 cm strips.
2 Cook pork, onion, shiitake and Chinese chives in cooking oil then add salt and pepper.
3 Add sake, soy milk and chicken stock cube in the above pot. When it is boiling, add noodles. When it is boiling again, turn off the heat.
4 Serve the noodles and soup in a bowl, with smoked butter on top and salt and pepper to taste.